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Links for October 22nd through November 17th

DadHacker. Tags: software SPDY Protocol (Chromium Developer Documentation). Tags: HTTP web jParse – jQuery XML Parse Plugin. Tags: jquery javascript 456 Berea Street: Articles and news on web standards, accessibility, and usability. Tags: Web ToRead Google Code Blog: Introducing Closure Tools. Tags: javascript web Google tools Pagetest – where web sites go to get FAST!. […]

Links for October 9th through October 21st

35 Fresh and Useful jQuery Plugins « Noupe. Tags: javascript jquery CSS Tempo Time Tracking – Simple Time Tracking with Powerful Reporting and Mobile Access. Tags: software time jQuery Approach by Scott Robbin. Tags: jquery plugin – jQuery Floating Table Header Demo. Tags: jquery plugin MAMP: Mac, Apache, MySQL, PHP. Tags: OSX Apache web […]

Links for October 1st through October 9th

John Resig – Simple JavaScript Inheritance. Tags: javascript jquery Viewing jQuery DOM Event Bindings With FireBug. Tags: javascript jquery jQuery Lesson Series: Introduction to Selectors – Tags: jquery javascript Most Used and Abused Web Design Trends of All Time | Web Design Ledger. Tags: WebDesign web calibre. Tags: software jQuery Localisation. Tags: javascript jquery […]

Links for September 24th through October 1st

Install multiple versions of IE on your PC | TredoSoft. Tags: IE Windows web Useful and Handy jQuery Tips and Tricks | Queness. Tags: javascript jquery Brandon Aaron : Automating with Special Events. Tags: javascript jquery High Performance Web Sites. Tags: web performance High Performance Web Sites :: Using Iframes Sparingly. Tags: performance web iframe […]

Links for September 21st through September 24th

Selenium IDE. Tags: javascript FireFox plugin testing John Resig – Deep Profiling jQuery Apps. Tags: javascript jquery performance Charlie Griefer: jQuery – What You Can do with the Data Method. Tags: javascript jquery Code Ownership: From Practice to Policy | Summa Blog. Tags: Software Thoughts on Collective Code Ownership « Unmaintainable. Tags: Software jQuery plugin: […]

Links for September 1st through September 21st

11 keystrokes that made my jQuery selector run 10x faster | Encosia. Tags: javascript jquery performance Never worry about ASP.NET AJAX’s .d again | Encosia. Tags: jquery json ajax .Net Improving jQuery’s JSON performance and security | Encosia. Tags: javascript json An Evaluation of Stored Procedures for the .NET Developer. Tags: .Net / AdamDotCom […]

Links for August 24th through September 1st

Snow Leopard Compatibility: Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Compatibility List. Tags: OSX software jQuery Week Calendar | redredred. Tags: javascript jquery jQTouch — jQuery plugin for mobile web development. Tags: jquery javascript iPhone .inTheMeantime » Blog Archive » jQuery 1.3 cheat sheet wallpaper. Tags: javascript jquery jQuery UI 1.7 Cheatsheet. Tags: javascript jquery Home […]

Links for August 5th through August 21st

Google Website Optimizer Plugin for WordPress by ContentRobot. Tags: plugin wordpress Google Satisfy that selector! – James Padolsey. Tags: jquery plugin JQuery File Upload Plugin Script – JQuery File Upload Script – Uploadify. Tags: javascript jquery plugin Johan Andersson’s Cluster and HA Blog: HA MySQL, write scaling using Cluster to non-cluster replication. Tags: MySQL FREE […]

Links for July 25th through August 3rd

CSS trick – submit button should look same everywhere | The Bloggers Watch. Tags: WebDesign CSS Simple Page Peel Effect with jQuery & CSS. Tags: jQuery CSS WebDesign Mastering CSS, Part 1: Styling Design Elements | CSS | Smashing Magazine. Tags: CSS WebDesign Web Workers. Tags: javascript Using web workers – MDC. Tags: javascript 40 […]

Links for July 15th through July 23rd

jQuery 1.3 Cheatsheet. Tags: javascript jQuery How To Develop a jQuery Plugin. Tags: jQuery javascript John Resig – Computing with JavaScript Web Workers. Tags: javascript jQuery How to Load In and Animate Content with jQuery – Nettuts+. Tags: javascript jQuery BBC Radio 1 Zoom Tabs | jQuery for Designers – Tutorials and screencasts. Tags: javascript […]