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Twitter digests

Tweets for 2018-12-18

RT @STARSambulance: We have been notified of an increasing amount of scam phone calls from people claiming to be STARS representatives.… 10:35:49

Tweets for 2018-12-17

RT @WorkNotWork: December 17th is a big date for every #avgeek: in 1903, the #WrightBrothers first flew at #KittyHawk. From 2016, th… 13:11:11

Tweets for 2018-12-14

RT @NTYessays: We have just added 'X-15: Related Stories and Resources' which is a growing addendum of additional material on this… 22:30:48

Tweets for 2018-11-30

RT @NTYessays: “re-use of the vehicle…is still the holy grail of #spaceflight. Present day efforts, such as @SpaceX and… 08:24:38

Tweets for 2018-11-29

RT @TerenceCGannon: At the risk of oversimplifying how about a 100%-made-in-Canada moonshot strategy where we employ the laid-off Oshaw… 15:24:09

Tweets for 2018-11-23

RT @VoxVolo: Should Canada increase its oil & gas pipeline capacity to the West Coast? Please vote and retweet. | #abpoli… 08:29:48

Tweets for 2018-11-16

RT @VoxVolo: Just out on @Medium, the mysteriously named "Cost of Change Curves and Public Policy" muses about what went wrong w… 06:19:48 RT @DryasResearch: That's some wind! 08:59:46

Tweets for 2018-11-13

RT @TerenceCGannon: I am humbled, honoured and thankful to have "Dad Was a Traveller" recommended by the curators of @Medium. It's appe… 09:14:30

Tweets for 2018-10-03

RT @VoxVolo: Results from the tenth round of our Poll using the wording of the Olympic plebiscite: @BigRedYYC @ChahalGeorge… 13:08:19

Tweets for 2018-10-02

RT @MFedeyko: TAKE NOTE: Cochrane RCMP is asking the public to avoid the Big Hill on Highway 1A as they are rerouting traffic due… 10:45:11 RT @YYC_Weather: With a 4pm snow total of 25cm, today is #Calgary's snowiest October day in almost 104 years, since Oct 4th, 1914.… 16:20:00