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Tweets for 2017-10-07

How fast do you get to 60? McD's acceleration is what amazes me. Obviously, 60 is awesome and sustaining for any p… 06:46:50

Tweets for 2017-10-06

If this was really what your boss cared about, he wouldn't be targeting innovators and entrepreneurs.… 19:02:50

Tweets for 2017-10-05

RT @AlbertEhStein: @CBCCanada @WayneLongSJ can hold his high and say he did what was best for his constituents and #Canada. #UnfairTaxChanges #cdnpoli 20:40:59 RT @carrie_kollias: @CFIB @WayneLongSJ Turns out New Brunswick is a great place to grow a spine 💪. Well done Wayne Long – dude has guts. 20:41:20

Tweets for 2017-10-03

RT @bruce_croxon: Bang on. Pls read " LIBERAL GOVERNMENT TAX PROPOSALS: AN UNVARNISHED VIEW….. 05:07:47

Tweets for 2017-10-02

RT @bruce_croxon: pls watch and share "Bruce Croxon: tax plan is tilted against entrepreneurs investing in Canadian small biz" 10:43:02

Tweets for 2017-09-30

Justin Trudeau: Be Alarmed! Taxation not Confiscation – Sign the Petition! #unfairtaxchanges 07:18:42 RT @bruce_croxon: Took some time and wrote an article. #oldschool . Please read and share " " 16:00:38 RT @LorenPadelford: Instead of 🇨🇦 luring 🇺🇸 tech giants to prove we're a global tech player, 🇨🇦 should over invest in support […]

Tweets for 2017-09-28

RT @bruce_croxon: Here's a novel idea @Bill_Morneau . How about starting by spending less money then you take in. Learned that in grade school . 11:31:10

Tweets for 2017-09-21

RT @natnewswatch: Alam: Trudeau’s sinister stand against doctors via @torontostar 06:10:31 One word: Risk 06:57:02 RT @iamdevloper: if I was dumbledore I would've hid the philosophers stone in jira's ui 07:45:22

Tweets for 2017-09-19

RT @bruce_croxon: why would a gov't who professes to care about the middle class choose to stifle the people who create the most jobs ? small business owners 08:33:19

Tweets for 2017-09-17

RT @CADInnovators: Opinion: Liberals small-business tax changes could tip economy into recession #cdnpoli 08:41:24