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Twitter digests

Tweets for 2018-05-11

RT @TerenceCGannon: Here’s a tip for the growing list of tenants at #TheEdisonYYC: instead of bringing in expensive catering for your n… 05:57:01

Tweets for 2018-05-03

RT @NTYessays: The priceless gift of long-lived parents triggered thoughts of a new life plan and led to the new essay 'The Third… 06:55:34

Tweets for 2018-04-28

RT @TerenceCGannon: This article explains what’s been wrong with the @NHLFlames: Burke’s terrible self-perception of his own performanc… 10:30:38

Tweets for 2018-04-27

RT @juliaferraioli: Software engineering, a story. Year 1: The build system does WHAT? Year 3: This problem requires careful thought a… 07:18:34

Tweets for 2018-04-24

RT @OregonJOBS2: three border collies have been trained to run around a Chilean forest devastated by wildfire while wearing special… 07:42:45

Tweets for 2018-04-22

RT @afilina: I hear this over and over: devs are expected to learn in their spare time, participate in open source, attend meetu… 10:31:02

Tweets for 2018-04-20

RT @TerenceCGannon: Another piece of the puzzle falls into place in the @NHLFlames long term strategy to obtain the #1 draft pick in 20… 07:32:44

Tweets for 2018-04-16

RT @KeithRParsons: RT if you ever had one of these… 08:17:45

Tweets for 2018-03-24

RT @TerenceCGannon: Leapfrogging industry leaders like @Tesla and @Waymo, this new #selfdrivingcar technology almost appeared to drop o… 13:17:19

Tweets for 2018-02-24

RT @gknauss: My son is on his school’s Science Bowl team, and they’re competing today. It’s tradition that the whole team gets c… 09:13:10