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Tweets for 2019-10-24

RT @EdtheSock: Hey Alberta – it's called a 'sales tax'. Your ride as the only province w/o one was always going to end one day. Wa… 07:03:17 Guessing I won’t get an answer from @Alberta_UCP. @albertaNDP … do you know? Cc @stevedurrell in reply to whalespine 17:02:33 I guess it could be worse … […]

Tweets for 2019-10-23

RT @DaveBeninger: Alberta will NEVER separate: 👉🏻 Currency 👉🏻 Military 👉🏻 Crown land 👉🏻 National Parks 👉🏻 Treaty land 👉🏻 Constitution… 08:03:50 RT @ryanjespersen: Disgraceful. The #wexit folks have crossed out the maple leaf in their new signs. I saw a bumper sticker – “I’m not… 10:24:03 RT @calmecam: 1. @JKenney @PremierScottMoe As […]

Tweets for 2019-10-22

RT @Crackmacs: Albertans: Kenney won! Accept it! Respect democracy! Also Albertans: Democracy doesn't work! #cdnpoli #ableg 06:54:03 RT @ChristianBigea2: To supporters of western separation, We, Natives, will not allow our land to become part an independent Alberta. We… 11:57:44 RT @C_Resists: I sympathize with Albertans who are struggling to find work, but Alberta separation […]

Tweets for 2019-10-21

RT @Limbictweets: Is Scheer for real when he says the past 40 days have been a 'campaign of hope' for the Conservatives? It has been… 05:40:18 RT @CanadensisMax: Let's give the world a strong message on Election Day: We, the people of Canada will not accept Donald Trump's sty… 07:07:50 If anyone in […]

Tweets for 2019-10-20

RT @leahanneward: Kenney’s $30 million “propaganda peddling war room” costs as much as the #NDP’s school nutrition program. Think about that #ableg 12:59:17 RT @Dean_Winnipeg: I went to a Trudeau rally yesterday Here’s what was missing: – no chants of “lock him up” – no personal attacks o… 13:00:59

Tweets for 2019-10-19

RT @strombo: Doesn’t Stephen Harper lead an organization that interferes in elections all over the world just to get conservativ… 04:22:17 RT @CharlieAngusNDP: What a weasel. Andrew Scheer has been reduced to making things up to get attention. 06:12:55 RT @gmbutts: Barack Obama’s endorsement of Justin Trudeau in #elxn43 ruffled @CPC_HQ feathers. ICYMI: […]

Tweets for 2019-10-18

RT @retiredbeachguy: With your educational background, Andrew, it seems you took no lessons from anybody. Please shut the door on your… 06:54:57 RT @Sheila_Copps: The current projections put the Liberals 5 seats away from a majority. We have enough time to move those numbers o… 07:01:59 RT @ABCVeterans2015: The Conservative record speaks for […]

Tweets for 2019-10-17

RT @TerenceCGannon: Hey, @Tim_Cook, a live user report: mandated updates to Numbers are no longer compatible with older Apple hardware.… 05:30:22 RT @EdtheSock: No matter the outcome Monday I will never forgive #Scheer, #HamishMarshall & their cadre who have acted like pondsc… 17:25:59 RT @colynjames: Lots of people already retweeting this, so forgive […]

Tweets for 2019-10-16

RT @MsAmyMacPherson: #CDNmedia #HumanRights #PressFreedom This article is from 2 months ago (via CBC), but rest assured the information… 06:15:49 RT @MerlinofCanada: I want to know who paid for @jkenney's time in Ontario, flights, security, hotels, food, booze and card he had a lo… 06:24:45 RT @ResistanceAB: I’ve never seen someone so uncomfortable, […]

Tweets for 2019-10-15

RT @MrDash109: For the record, real GDP growth under Conservatives Harper and Andrew Scheer averaged 1.9%/yr over 9 years. Under C… 17:36:07 RT @mmcassella: Peter Navarro, Trump's trade adviser and chief cheerleader of his China policy, has apparently been quoting staunch… 17:47:34 RT @djkelly: 16 year old girl: tweets she might visit Alberta […]