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Tweets for 2017-09-02

RT @bruce_croxon: This is how it's supposed to work. #democracy is speaking; now up to @Bill_Morneau and @JustinTrudeau to listen. #unfairtaxchanges 08:59:17 RT @ArleneDickinson: Without entrepreneurs innovation is a good idea left to waste, not a good idea turned into jobs & economic opportun… 08:59:34

Tweets for 2017-08-28

RT @bruce_croxon: .@JustinTrudeau can we debate, caually chat, go for a run or even box a few rounds. we need 30 minutes to talk #TaxFairness @wealthy_barber 10:03:32 RT @bruce_croxon: we are poised to do incredible things in #cantech. lets not blow this @JustinTrudeau through overly punitive tax plans #TaxFairness 10:03:35

Tweets for 2017-08-27

RT @lpolgreen: The President of the United States doesn't speak for the United States, his Secretary of State says. Remarkable mom… 11:15:15

Tweets for 2017-08-08

RT @videodante: has he tried just not being dead 18:33:43

Tweets for 2017-06-07

RT @TheDailyShow: Reading Comey's opening statement like 12:17:27

Tweets for 2017-06-04

RT @MadelnCanada: Meanwhile in Canada.. Alberta man breaks out his lawnmower with a tornado behind him and says he "was keeping an ey… 19:02:06

Tweets for 2017-05-18

RT @ClickHole: Meet The Navy SEAL In Charge Of Pushing Osama Bin Laden’s Body Back Into The Ocean Every Time It Washes Up On Shore… 18:28:28

Tweets for 2017-05-06

Maybe I'm getting old or losing my mind but it seems to be getting harder to dismiss conspiracy theories out of hand. 09:10:29

Tweets for 2017-05-02

RT @TheTopPodcast: Our 'Podfluencer' of the Week, @TerenceCGannon of the @WorkNotWork Show: Discover where work is one's inspiration:… 08:18:17

Tweets for 2017-04-29

RT @TerenceCGannon: Now on @Medium: “The Tyranny of a Happy Accident” One great month in my early twenties pretty much ruined my career… 10:56:25