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Tweets for 2019-10-07

RT @webreakthequiet: @jkenney 54 healthcare workers in vegreville were given walking papers this week unless they take AN 8 DOLLAR AN HO… 14:43:41

Tweets for 2019-10-06

RT @gtlem: Conservative MP @BobSaroya ADMITS he spread FALSE information on his campaign flyers about Asylum Seekers crossing… 06:47:15

Tweets for 2019-10-04

RT @CalgaryToday: Gotta hand it to the CBC on this one. I don't even know where to start here other than Albertans deserve an explana… 15:57:08 RT @theturner: "Every core tenet of Kenney's conspiracy theory is flatly and demonstrably false." Fantastic, exhaustive reporting… 15:57:46

Tweets for 2019-10-02

RT @cdnpoli_memes: Scheer says British Columbia's carbon tax hasn't worked, expert studies say it has #cdnpoli #elxn43 08:29:42 RT @VoiceOfFranky: Andrew Scheer's claim about foreign aid deemed false | CBC News 08:29:58

Tweets for 2019-10-01

apparent reason which effectively cuts off access to the Bow Ridge recreation area for some folks (parents with sma… in reply to whalespine 12:57:03 Not to mention that someone will be jumping the barrier into the road and will either get hurt on landing or get hi… in reply to whalespine 12:57:04

Tweets for 2019-08-10

I’m sure someone has asked this somewhere, but are we sure #JeffreyEpstein is actually dead? I mean, wouldn’t fak… 10:35:12

Tweets for 2019-07-13

“Why Cutting Costs is Expensive: How $9/Hour Software Engineers Cost Boeing Billions” by @_ericelliott 09:07:11 Whoever made the decision to outsource Boeing’s flight system software development should be charged with 346 counts of 2nd degree murder. in reply to whalespine 09:12:21

Tweets for 2019-06-25

RT @FizFashizzle: I know I only have like 12 followers but look at this fucking shit. @Wayfair is supplying the concentration camps a… 15:54:43

Tweets for 2019-06-10

RT @strombo: Listen to the grandson of the Greatest Canadian. 12:41:57

Tweets for 2019-06-07

RT @NTYessays: An article by @JaneWakefield of @BBCNews about the nearly 100 year old British Model Flying Association (#BMFA) wor… 08:24:07