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mkmf.rb on Debian

If you are having trouble installing ruby gems on Debian and getting errors complaining about missing the mkmf.rb file try doing an ‘apt-get install ruby1.8-dev’. That cleared the error up for me.

fcgi gem on Debian

If you are getting errors on Debian while trying to install the fcig ruby bindings, then I may have the solution for you (well it isn’t my solution, I got it from here). The error might look something like this: ERROR: While executing gem … (RuntimeError) ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension. Do the […]

Rails, MySQL and Debian

The latest database.yml (the db config file for rails) says to “Get the fast C bindings” for mysql by typing : > gem install mysql What they don’t tell you is that on debian, there is a good chance this will fail with a truckload of errors. I googled a bit and came up with […]

WordPress 2.0.1 and Debian

I’ve just finished upgrading to WordPress 2.0.1 on Debian. The upgrade itself went very smoothly and my overall first 10 minutes impression is positive. It may take me a little while to get use to the WYSIWYG editor, but I seem to recall you can turn it off and there is an html editor as […]

OS X File Sharing

For some reason I enjoy supporting multiple operating systems at home. I have a couple Debian boxes, the Powerbook, and my wife’s Windows XP machine which I use on occasion when she’s not trying to produce a PhD thesis. All these systems are in place for various reasons, but it comes down to the fact […]

Publishing iCal To WebDav

Now that I’ve moved almost exclusively over to the Powerbook for my computing needs, I thought I’d start using iCal and see if I can get a little more organized. Of course Andrea wants to use iCal as well and we want to share our calendars. To do that you either need a .Mac account […]

Quiet Lately

For all two of you who read this blog, I’ve not been writing much lately due to several family visits in the last six weeks, a newly minted Masters degree (and all the celebrations that go along with that) in the house and just a general lack of stuff to write about. I’ve got several […]

Mac Notes

A few notes so far: – Fink seems cool. Since it appears to be just a front-end on apt-get and I since come from Debian it all makes sense to me. – Since I’m an emacs guy, I wanted to get that up and running. I installed X11Usr.pkg which for some reason is an optional […]