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Real Rails Results

About a month ago I was talking about my initial forays into Ruby and RubyOnRails. I’ve sinced written what I consider to be a real (if simple) application and I’m still impressed with Rails. Over the last 5 weeks, I have worked about 40 hours (including database development) on an administration website for the latest […]

Rails Again

I continue to be impressed with the speed of web app development with Rails. I decided to write another simple web app to play around some more with Rails and see exactly how fast I could do it. I developed a simple status report tool, which is kind of similar to the comment form processor […]

Bye Bye Java, Hello Ruby

Maybe “Bye Bye Java” is a little extreme, but it got your attention I bet. Especially if you know how much Java I’ve done in the past, both professionally and in my spare time. So what could possibly make me give up Java? Well there were really only two places where I was doing much […]

Enough With the XML Already

Could people please stop using XML for every single software problem they have? PLEASE? Between the latest ideas of binary xml, extensible programming languages and C-omega one of Microsoft’s latest research projects involving the integration of XML and the object model, I’ve had enough of people ramming XML down the throat of every problem they […]

Everyone Touches Everything?

One aspect of some of the agile methodologies that has been bothering me, is this insistance that everyone needs to be involved in every aspect of the system from one end to the other. For example, in developing a web application, the idea would be that each developer (or pair of developers as the case […]


I’ve finally got my website and blog up and running. It’s taken a while due to some procrastination on my part, but here it is. There aren’t many words that actually describe themselves, but sesquipedalian is one. Since I’m taken with using verbiage of a protracted nature, I thought that it was an apt…or maybe […]