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Twitter Digest Shot By Twitter API v1.1

It isn’t fatal, but it isn’t looking good for my WordPress Plugin, Twitter Digest. Because of Twitter’s requirement for authentication, even for publicly available data, it won’t be easy for Twitter Digest to access v1.1 of the Twitter API. v1.0 was deprecated this past week, so no digests can be produced anymore. I’m trying to […]

Twitter Digest Broken due to Twitter API Change

Anyone using the Twitter Digest WordPress plugin may notice that it doesn’t work anymore. Twitter has upgraded their API and I haven’t had the time to upgrade the plugin. It is on my TODO list. If there are any developers out there that would like to take a shot at fixing up the plugin, I’d […]

New Style

Once again, I’ve changed the style on the blog. I went with simple and clean. My goal is to start blogging more (again). We’ll see.

Garage Bench Build

Here’s some more time-lapse video, this time of me building a work bench in the garage. (Yes, the family is still away). Again, I used Gawker to take the video and it really did a great job. In case anyone cares, the bench was designed by Chet using Google SketchUp and the original bench was […]

Garage Cleanup

Give a guy some time alone, some work to do and a new piece of software to play with and interesting things are bound to happen. I found Gawker yesterday which is a great little OSX app that lets you make time-lapse movies with the built in or external webcam (or both). It also lets […]

Twitter Digest 1.8.2

I’ve uploaded a couple bug fixes for Twitter Digest. One bug caused some issues when the blog’s timezone was not the same as the server time zone and the other was a bug where HTML entities were being made clickable because the code thought they were hashtags. Anyhoo, all fixed now. Check it out the […]

Instant Sounds Page

For my own entertainment, I’ve put together a page with popular “instant sounds” from the net. Makes it much easier to quickly match the sound to the situation. Of course, I’m sure the iPhone has an app with a much better solution.

Twitter Digest v1.8

I’ve updated Twitter Digest with a few new features. You can download the new version here. Here are the changes: Added check for username/password so TD won’t check Twitter unless there is a username and password, thus avoiding obvious errors at install time. Added ability to ping Twitter from the options page. Added ability to […]

Java Fail

I’ve been meaning to point out a great new blog from the rarely posting blogger at STRP. Brad is a seasoned C++ developer and architect who has, for some unknown reason, thrown himself into the depths of Java hell. At Java Fail he posts about the ways that Java comes up short as a language […]

The Switch

I’ve switched my main domain ( over to being run off WordPress and dropped the blog domain ( The main reason was that I didn’t really have that much going on at the old site. For all 2.45 (and that is a generous estimate) of you who cared about what was on the old site, […]