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Twitter Digest Shot By Twitter API v1.1

It isn’t fatal, but it isn’t looking good for my WordPress Plugin, Twitter Digest. Because of Twitter’s requirement for authentication, even for publicly available data, it won’t be easy for Twitter Digest to access v1.1 of the Twitter API. v1.0 was deprecated this past week, so no digests can be produced anymore. I’m trying to […]

Twitter Digest Broken due to Twitter API Change

Anyone using the Twitter Digest WordPress plugin may notice that it doesn’t work anymore. Twitter has upgraded their API and I haven’t had the time to upgrade the plugin. It is on my TODO list. If there are any developers out there that would like to take a shot at fixing up the plugin, I’d […]

Twitter Digest v2.4

I’ve updated the Twitter Digest plugin to deal with the Basic Auth mechanism going away on June 9. Basically my choice was to adopt OAuth or only fetch public tweets. I chose the latter, mostly because it was easier, but also because the impact on TD users was minimal. The one use case this change […]

Firefox 3.5 + WordPress Slowness

I’ve been experiencing some slowness of late working with WordPress (specifically the admin dashboard) on Firefox 3.5. Opera and Safari seemed to be just fine, but it has been taking a really long time lately to do things like bring up the “Edit Page” admin page. It finally got annoying enough that I had to […]

PHP4 – <sigh/>

Thanks to Brian at I’ve discovered that Twitter Digest doesn’t work in PHP4. I’ll put PHP4 support at the bottom of my todo list, but unless someone really can’t upgrade to PHP5 and really wants to use Twitter Digest, I likely won’t get to it. However, I’m more likely to get to it if […]

Twitter Digest v1.8

I’ve updated Twitter Digest with a few new features. You can download the new version here. Here are the changes: Added check for username/password so TD won’t check Twitter unless there is a username and password, thus avoiding obvious errors at install time. Added ability to ping Twitter from the options page. Added ability to […]

Links for February 19th through March 1st

Linux tips every geek should know | TuxRadar. Tags: linux Testing RAM on a Mac. Tags: OSX While You Were Out – Apple’s Years With and Without Steve Jobs – Interactive Feature – Tags: Apple to_Read Port Map and TCMPortMapper. Tags: tools OSX How To: Hackintosh a Dell Mini 9 Into the Ultimate OS […]

Twitter Digest v1.7.2

I’ve uploaded the latest version of my wildly popular WordPress plugin, Twitter Digest. This is mostly a bug fix release, but there is one new feature. You can now customize the title of the tweet post. In previous versions, the title for all posts was “Tweets for YYYY-MM-DD”. Now you can put whatever you like. […]

Twitter Digest on

I finally got around to getting a account and uploading Twitter Digest. Check it out. Other than having to delve into the depths of my past to remember how to do stuff with Subversion, the process was pretty painless. At the same time, I’ve fixed a bug and added the option to display tweets […]

Scaling WordPress Tag Clouds

I noticed this morning that the tag cloud on was looking a bit big. I’ve been adding more tags, so I guess that is to be expected. I figured I could adjust some setting or css and voila, the tags would be smaller. No go. The default WordPress tag cloud widget has no options […]