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Kohl on Agile and Value

Cross-posted from Jonathan Kohl will be giving a keynote presentation entitled What’s More Important: Being Agile or Creating Value? at the Better Software Conference & Expo in Las Vegas in June. See here for more info. Looks like a great talk. Here’s the abstract: Agile processes and tools have become very popular over the […]

Better Software

Now that the March issue of Better Software Magazine is long out the door, I can post the pdf of the article I wrote for that issue. As soon as I get two minutes to sit down and think, I’ll post something about the overall article writing experience, which I think was pretty positive considering […]

Summer Fun

Well, I’ve been slacking off in writing here for the last month or so. Between an Alaskan Cruise and visit from the nephews, this July has been extremely busy. Add to my increased frequency of posts to and you can see why July has been a non restful summer month. Let’s hope I get […]

Pliant Blog is now a PSD blog

Still Just A Process

When it comes right down to it, Scrum (or any other agile methodology for that matter) is still just a process that some people somewhere have apparently had success with. It is just a set of techniques/steps that people have used to develop software. Scrum is still subject to abuse, mis-use, mis-implementation and incorrect targeting […]

Agile is an Adjective, Not a Noun

I’ve been meaning to comment about what Paul said a few weeks ago, but just haven’t had the chance. He is quite right that agile has been commoditized and is now seen as a software development process itself. People are getting “Agile” books and saying “Let’s do Agile”. Then they do what the book says. […]

In a Nutshell

In a nutshell, the point of pliant software development is this. There is no software development technique or set of techniques, that is both necessary and sufficient for successful software development. If you can think of one, let me know (but remember, I have counter-examples 🙂 )

Best Practices

James Bach has some good things to say about “best practices”, namely that they don’t exist and we are wasting our time trying to figure out what they are. He’s a testing guy, but all his points can be applied to software development in general. My favorite quotes: “There are no best practices. By this […]

Pliant Software Development

Ok, here’s the situation. There are many ways to develop software. Some of them are generally recognized as being good, some of them are generally recognized as being bad. However there are no absolutes. There are no 12-step programs for successful software development. Sorry to break it to those of you who have zealously attached […]