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Tweets for 2015-03-14

Tweets for 2015-03-07

  • RT @kellan: People keep pointing to adoption of a new tech by major companies as proof that it is good, to which I say SOAP 10:36:06

Tweets for 2015-03-02

Tweets for 2015-02-27

  • How many times is "Live long and prosper" going to be tweeted in the next 48 hours? 20:09:32

Tweets for 2015-01-11

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Tweets for 2014-07-22

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Tweets for 2014-05-10

Tweets for 2014-03-29

  • RT @PhilDarnowsky: BREAKING NEWS: Thousands boycott Firefox as it comes out that new CEO of Mozilla Foundation is responsible for Javascrip… 09:10:11