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Twitter Digest Lives!

Despite Twitter’s best efforts, I’ve managed to bring back Twitter Digest from the bring of destruction to work with the new Twitter API (v1.1). Version 2.8 of the plugin has just been released and should be considered unstable until I’ve had a chance to test it over the a few days. However, considering 2.7 was […]

Twitter Digest Shot By Twitter API v1.1

It isn’t fatal, but it isn’t looking good for my WordPress Plugin, Twitter Digest. Because of Twitter’s requirement for authentication, even for publicly available data, it won’t be easy for Twitter Digest to access v1.1 of the Twitter API. v1.0 was deprecated this past week, so no digests can be produced anymore. I’m trying to […]

Twitter Digest Broken due to Twitter API Change

Anyone using the Twitter Digest WordPress plugin may notice that it doesn’t work anymore. Twitter has upgraded their API and I haven’t had the time to upgrade the plugin. It is on my TODO list. If there are any developers out there that would like to take a shot at fixing up the plugin, I’d […]

Twitter Digest v2.4

I’ve updated the Twitter Digest plugin to deal with the Basic Auth mechanism going away on June 9. Basically my choice was to adopt OAuth or only fetch public tweets. I chose the latter, mostly because it was easier, but also because the impact on TD users was minimal. The one use case this change […]

Twitter Digest Issues

FYI, there is definitely something weird going on with Twitter Digest with respect to putting tweets in the correct 24 hour period. My gut says Twitter has changed something in the feed, b/c the plugin has worked flawlessly for me until today. I will investigate and issue a fix ASAP. Update: I’m not sure if […]

PHP4 – <sigh/>

Thanks to Brian at I’ve discovered that Twitter Digest doesn’t work in PHP4. I’ll put PHP4 support at the bottom of my todo list, but unless someone really can’t upgrade to PHP5 and really wants to use Twitter Digest, I likely won’t get to it. However, I’m more likely to get to it if […]

Twitter Digest v1.8

I’ve updated Twitter Digest with a few new features. You can download the new version here. Here are the changes: Added check for username/password so TD won’t check Twitter unless there is a username and password, thus avoiding obvious errors at install time. Added ability to ping Twitter from the options page. Added ability to […]

Tweets for 2009-03-04

Considering a MacMini now that they’ve been updated. 09:54:42 Also, the Airport base station is looking nice with the dual band support. Still a bit pricey IMO. 09:55:26 And of course the new iMacs look awesome. 09:56:02 Firefox 3.0.7 released. 19:13:06 The Calgary Flames made some interesting trades today in the […]

Tweets for 2009-02-28

Not proud to be a Canadian at the moment. These idiot ISPs can’t even get their technical info right. 12:56:22 “P2P file sharing is designed to cause network congestion,” – uhhh … no Rogers, no. You are stupid. 12:56:51 And CIRPA, The Pirate Bay does not “distribute large volumes of unauthorized content” Figure out […]

Tweets for 2009-02-27

Dell Mini 10’s available in Canada now. 07:37:18 Yeah, so the Mini10 has the Intel GMA500 graphics chipset which doesn’t have OSX drivers. Oh well, the 9″ it is. 09:33:52 US Dell Mini 9 is down to $199. CA Linux version still $379. 10:00:40 @cote I’ve kicked visiting websites and replaced it with […]