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ReadyNAS NV+, Seagate Firmware Update Take 2

It has been a while since my original attempt at upgrading the firmware on my Seagate hard drives housed in my ReadyNAS NV+. Thanks to scostall for his comment on the original post which pointed me in the right direction. Last week I headed up to Memory Express here in Winnipeg and picked up an […]

Tweets for 2009-03-17

As a wanna-be blogger, I’m having trouble doing that part between coming up with a post idea and publishing a nicely written piece. 08:24:26 It still boggles my mind how many tinyurl-ish services there are. 11:48:47 RT @leolaporte “yes i’m that good at etch a sketch [pic]” 11:49:05 ArsTechnica live blog of the Apple […]

Tweets for 2009-02-15

Did a fresh install of of Debian 5.0.0 today. Super easy as expected. 23:57:44 The Simpsons goes HD tonight. Here’s the new opening. 13:45:55 Jabra BT2040 == garbage. 12:08:02 <sigh/> Some things give me hope for humanity. But many things don’t. 11:50:25 RT @rainnwilson ‘This is one of the best office ‘fan’ […]

ReadyNAS NV+, Seagate Firmware Update Take 1

If you have ever heard of Seagate (the hard drive manufacturer), then you surely know that last month they had a flurry of hard drive failures in their popular 7200.11 line of hard drives. After a couple of PR snafus, Seagate finally got their act together and issued firmware and update instructions for the affected […]

Tweets for 2009-01-27

Obama puts his foot down on greedy bankers. 16:24:26 Finally got a real response from my original email into Seagate about my drives. Doesn’t tell me anything I hadn’t already figured out. 16:23:26 RT @tuaw: “There are over 60 dedicated “fart apps” in the App Store. Someone open a window.” Ahh… capitalism. 14:34:56 Nothing […]

Tweets for 2009-01-23

Monster loses a bunch of user data, including Canadian job hunter data. 20:37:33 EeePC Tablet looks cool too. 20:20:54 New Acer 10in Aspire One. Looks good, if it has a Linux option. 20:13:06 Now testing my own WordPress plugin that digests my tweets every day on I’m proud to be a […]

Tweets for 2009-01-22

Cookie recipe on side of peanut butter jar – “Makes 2 dozen cookies or 24 servings, 1 cookie each.” Duh. 15:24:42 Still got my source at MS. Better luck next time. 15:15:57 Lots of layoffs today in the tech sector. – Waiting to see if I still have a source at MS. 09:36:04 Appears […]