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Tweets for 2009-03-17

As a wanna-be blogger, I’m having trouble doing that part between coming up with a post idea and publishing a nicely written piece. 08:24:26 It still boggles my mind how many tinyurl-ish services there are. 11:48:47 RT @leolaporte “yes i’m that good at etch a sketch [pic]” 11:49:05 ArsTechnica live blog of the Apple […]

Links for February 19th through March 1st

Linux tips every geek should know | TuxRadar. Tags: linux Testing RAM on a Mac. Tags: OSX While You Were Out – Apple’s Years With and Without Steve Jobs – Interactive Feature – Tags: Apple to_Read Port Map and TCMPortMapper. Tags: tools OSX How To: Hackintosh a Dell Mini 9 Into the Ultimate OS […]

Tweets for 2009-02-27

Dell Mini 10’s available in Canada now. 07:37:18 Yeah, so the Mini10 has the Intel GMA500 graphics chipset which doesn’t have OSX drivers. Oh well, the 9″ it is. 09:33:52 US Dell Mini 9 is down to $199. CA Linux version still $379. 10:00:40 @cote I’ve kicked visiting websites and replaced it with […]

Tweets for 2009-02-23

Some days I just don’t have anything to say on Twitter. 11:16:43 Seems to be problems with the Twitter Digest plugin ( If you use it and have problems ping me. 11:18:27 I think trad. retail has already lost to online, but they could at least try to make the hands-on experience competitive…. 11:48:50 Best […]

Tweets for 2009-02-20

EeePC 1000HE shipping for all you lucky orderers. (via @engadget) 08:26:02 The Dell Mini 10 is now at the top of my list (if the $$ ever materializes for a netbook). Via @engadget again. 08:57:39 I wonder if OSX will run on the Mini10 as well as it does on the Mini9…. 08:58:41 […]

Tweets for 2009-02-05

More details about the Dell Mini 10 popping up. Lots of choice as usual. Lacking SSD but 6-cell battery option. 16:42:58 The realistic thing about Flyboys is that one of the main characters gets shotdown almost every mission. Seems about right. 13:35:25 Flyboys: much better than The Red Baron. Excellent aerial battles and not […]

Tweets for 2009-02-04

Amazon not playing nice with USPS? Under investigation. 22:51:12 Not long till the Epoch Time reaches 1234567890 13:09:53 I get the rational, but I always thought no background procs on the iPhone was a mistake. Maybe it will happen. 11:46:41 I’ve come to the conclusion that there is a unique place in […]

Links for January 29th through January 30th

These are my links for January 29th through January 30th