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Links for April 15th through April 25th

Processing.js. Tags: Javascript Pro JavaScript Techniques: John Resig: Books. Tags: Javascript Blueprint: A CSS Framework | Spend your time innovating, not replicating. Tags: CSS HTML web2.0 Web Easy Time Machine Setup with the ReadyNAS : NETGEAR ReadyNAS Community. Tags: ReadyNAS OSX Home | The Dojo Toolkit. Tags: Javascript qooxdoo » Home. Tags: Javascript TaskSpeed […]

Links for March 29th through April 12th

Lifehacker – Top 10 Must-Have Firefox Extensions, 2009 Edition – Firefox Extensions. Tags: FireFox Tip Top Electronic Supply – Home. Tags: electronics 30 high-quality free fonts for professional designs | Design daily news. Tags: Web fonts Tags: Javascript json Canadian Pacific Diesel Locomotives. Tags: trains A fancy search suggestion. Tags: Javascript jQuery ajax […]

Links for March 21st through March 28th

Expression Web team blog : Microsoft Expression Web SuperPreview. Tags: Web Windows IE Efficient JavaScript – Opera Developer Community. Tags: Javascript Main Page – DrizzleWiki. Tags: MySQL linux Types – jQuery JavaScript Library. Tags: jQuery Javascript John Resig – XHTML, document.write, and Adsense. Tags: Javascript jQuery A JavaScript Module Pattern » Yahoo! User Interface Blog. […]

Tweets for 2009-02-05

More details about the Dell Mini 10 popping up. Lots of choice as usual. Lacking SSD but 6-cell battery option. 16:42:58 The realistic thing about Flyboys is that one of the main characters gets shotdown almost every mission. Seems about right. 13:35:25 Flyboys: much better than The Red Baron. Excellent aerial battles and not […]

Links for February 2nd through February 3rd

These are my links for February 2nd through February 3rd

Links for January 24th through January 28th

These are my links for January 24th through January 28th

Tweets for 2009-01-24

Canada’s Do Not Call list backfires. Doh! 16:23:59 Went to a great independent toy store in Wpg this morning. Tons of stuff you don’t see at ToysRUs. 15:28:02 I really should read up on jQuery and see if it out does prototype. 12:04:52 Dang it is cold. -38C with the wind. Ugh. […]


Blogging seems to have fallen down on the list of things I need to do, so as a result it has been a while since I’ve posted anything. One of the things I’ve been working on instead of keeping the interweb buzzing with my keen insight and immaculate prose is working on a new website. […]

Prototype Ajax success()

I ran across what I believe to be a bug in Prototype last week. It has to do with the Ajax.Request.success() method which indicates if a given ajax request was successful or not, based on the http status code. I’m currently developing against v1.5.1.1 and in that version of Prototype the success function looks like […]