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Tweets for 2009-02-28

Not proud to be a Canadian at the moment. These idiot ISPs can’t even get their technical info right. 12:56:22 “P2P file sharing is designed to cause network congestion,” – uhhh … no Rogers, no. You are stupid. 12:56:51 And CIRPA, The Pirate Bay does not “distribute large volumes of unauthorized content” Figure out […]

Links for January 24th through January 28th

These are my links for January 24th through January 28th

Agile Register-ed As Overused

Cross-posted from The Register has named “Agile” one of the most overused phrases of 2008. Along with “the cloud”, “web 2.0″ and others, “Agile” was deemed to have been “so overused and misapplied during the last 12 months that they began to lose their meaning”. Here’s the excerpt on “Agile”: Agile software development methodologies […]


It has been quite a while since I’ve posted on the blog. I’m planning on posting more often in the future, but I’ve said that in the past, so who knows what will happen. Not to make excuses, but I have been busy of late, launching a new website for a client and moving my […]

10 Ways RVing is like Software Development

In June, I embarked on an RV trip to Alaska with my wife, my sister, my brother-in-law and my two nieces. It was a lot of fun and was one of those life experiences I will never forget. We spent three weeks together in a 29ft RV traveling through Alberta, B.C., the Yukon and Alaska. […]

Microsoft Lawyers Threaten MVP

In another example of Microsoft being more about legal wrangling than software development, Jamie Cansdale has been threatened for making TestDriven.Net work with Visual Studio Express. TestDriven.Net is a very popular unit testing addon for Visual Studio and one that Cansdale earned a Microsoft MVP award for developing. I can’t believe the morons in Redmond […]

Vista a Spectacular Failure?

I haven’t even run Vista. Even though I’m a developer and make my living off Windows application development, I am frankly just not an OS tire kicker. I didn’t buy a Mac until Tiger came out, I still run the stable (_sometimes_ the testing) release of Debian and I haven’t tried Ubuntu as a possible […]

Better Software

Now that the March issue of Better Software Magazine is long out the door, I can post the pdf of the article I wrote for that issue. As soon as I get two minutes to sit down and think, I’ll post something about the overall article writing experience, which I think was pretty positive considering […]


Chris is a developer after my own heart. He’s lazy, anal retentive and artistic. And those are complements! I’ve always felt laziness was one of the keys to being a good software developer. At IIA I named a project that ran-a-muck through the engineering department. It was called “S.E.A.L.” which stood for “Software Engineers Are […]

Podcast Roundup

Ever since I got the shuffle I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts. I monitor about 10 or so podcasts in iTunes for interesting episodes but there is a core group of casts that I always make a point to listen to. Here they are for your listening pleasure. Drunk and Retired – This […]