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Links for April 15th through April 25th

Processing.js. Tags: Javascript Pro JavaScript Techniques: John Resig: Books. Tags: Javascript Blueprint: A CSS Framework | Spend your time innovating, not replicating. Tags: CSS HTML web2.0 Web Easy Time Machine Setup with the ReadyNAS : NETGEAR ReadyNAS Community. Tags: ReadyNAS OSX Home | The Dojo Toolkit. Tags: Javascript qooxdoo » Home. Tags: Javascript TaskSpeed […]

Links for March 21st through March 28th

Expression Web team blog : Microsoft Expression Web SuperPreview. Tags: Web Windows IE Efficient JavaScript – Opera Developer Community. Tags: Javascript Main Page – DrizzleWiki. Tags: MySQL linux Types – jQuery JavaScript Library. Tags: jQuery Javascript John Resig – XHTML, document.write, and Adsense. Tags: Javascript jQuery A JavaScript Module Pattern » Yahoo! User Interface Blog. […]

Tweets for 2009-03-17

As a wanna-be blogger, I’m having trouble doing that part between coming up with a post idea and publishing a nicely written piece. 08:24:26 It still boggles my mind how many tinyurl-ish services there are. 11:48:47 RT @leolaporte “yes i’m that good at etch a sketch [pic]” 11:49:05 ArsTechnica live blog of the Apple […]

Instant Sounds Page

For my own entertainment, I’ve put together a page with popular “instant sounds” from the net. Makes it much easier to quickly match the sound to the situation. Of course, I’m sure the iPhone has an app with a much better solution.

Tweets for 2009-02-19

I really need to Twitter more so the Twitter Digest plugin gets used. 07:16:42 Wow. 224 word palindrome. 08:50:36 Hacking some Perl today. Getting paid for it too, which is a bonus. 20:37:42 Rogers says $25 more on my monthly bill for iPhone. Perhaps after the coming mid-year iPhone update. 23:12:30 Dealing with […]

Links for February 5th through February 10th

These are my links for February 5th through February 7th

Tweets for 2009-02-08

Wozniak on ‘Dancing With The Stars’, eh? What will they think of next? 23:17:15 Ok, time to just sit back and laugh for a while. 20:58:09 Because, you know, everyone knows that online advertising is where the money is at. </sarcasm> 20:49:25 News flash. It is almost impossible to make money with a […]

Tweets for 2009-02-04

Amazon not playing nice with USPS? Under investigation. 22:51:12 Not long till the Epoch Time reaches 1234567890 13:09:53 I get the rational, but I always thought no background procs on the iPhone was a mistake. Maybe it will happen. 11:46:41 I’ve come to the conclusion that there is a unique place in […]

Links for February 2nd through February 3rd

These are my links for February 2nd through February 3rd

Tweets for 2009-02-02

Asus EeePC 1000HE coming soon. 20:04:40 Second gen netbooks will have faster graphics, lower power usage and bigger batteries. Sweet. 19:56:24 Wow. The Office opening from last night’s post Super Bowl episode, was the best ever. The. Best. Ever. 13:12:30 Vote for where to point the Hubble telescope. 13:01:11 Plow driver buries […]