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Tweets for 2019-11-10

RT @CAFinUS: They fought to fight for Canada. They fought for the chance to give their lives for Canada. They fought for your… 14:26:20 RT @trevortombe: Establishing a provincial revenue agency in Alberta would cost hundreds of million of dollars, expand the public se… 14:27:22 RT @accfanto: @trevortombe As someone who had to […]

Tweets for 2019-11-08

RT @charlesadler: #AB Rolling back rights & access. Those who warned about this during the prov campaign were accused of being craze… 21:07:13

Tweets for 2019-11-07

RT @tylermikla: Could you imagine a Jehovah's Witness Doctor refusing to give a blood transfusion to a car crash victim because of… 18:36:11 RT @RachelNotley: …this tweet has not aged well. #ableg #kenneyandthejets 20:43:19

Tweets for 2019-11-05

RT @LukaszukAB: .@jkenney Another $25,000 fine levied for your @Alberta_UCP fraudulent leadership “Kamikaze” campaign. And it’s abo… 08:07:31

Tweets for 2019-11-01

RT @RKSAlberta: Budget 2019 delivers almost $9b in debt, $2b more than under the NDP. Repeat, the "fiscally responsible" party is… 11:40:02

Tweets for 2019-10-31

RT @ProgressAlberta: Spread the word. Kenney’s austerity budget is cutting funding to classrooms. #abed #ableg 10:25:00 RT @ProgressAlberta: Spread the word. According to Suncor's own calculations Kenney's corporate tax cut means that the oilsands company… 20:33:54 RT @DuaneBratt: I can't believe this is a real ad and targeted at current and future PSE […]

Tweets for 2019-10-30

RT @JonJacobs25: Sure glad we got rid of the NDP so we could raise my taxes, increase the deficit, and enact a carbon levy. But with… 20:58:35

Tweets for 2019-10-29

RT @MerlinofCanada: Hundreds of #Ontario public high school teachers laid off, so far "No one will lose their job" @Fordnation you lyin… 07:49:24 RT @PaulDoroshenko: To all those politicians thinking we should never run a deficit, never take on debt, I assume you all paid for your… 07:50:34 RT @DaveBeninger: Honest question…why is […]

Tweets for 2019-10-28

RT @SOSAlberta: Teachers! #ABBudget makes an excellent resource for learning math outcomes around fractions and inequalities! What… 12:27:46 RT @TrentOster: I'm going to do a little educating here @Alberta_UCP #ABbudget. 1. Games are a huge business. The global games mark… 12:31:14 RT @TrentOster: Educating @Alberta_UCP #ABbudget. 2. Gaming is mainstream culture. The average […]

Tweets for 2019-10-25

RT @BrandieHarrop: NDP 2018 deficit 6.7bill & everyone in AB was taken care of with issues improving and a plan. UCP 2019 deficit 8.7… 07:06:31 RT @charlesadler: Haven't looked at everything. But everything I've looked at slows down economic growth & the creation of new jobs i… 07:07:59 RT @DryasResearch: Everyone chasing a […]