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Twitter digests

Tweets for 2019-05-20

RT @Rainmaker1973: #Today in 1940, Igor Sikorsky demonstrated his helicopter invention to the public 21:26:14

Tweets for 2019-05-14

Helping my daughter with math yesterday … Me: What’s 8×7? Her: *pauses* Siri: Eight times seven is fifty six. 14:49:15

Tweets for 2019-05-02

RT @TheWookieeRoars: The family of Peter Mayhew, with deep love and sadness, regrets to share the news that Peter has passed away. He l… 16:46:13

Tweets for 2019-05-01

CYBW had a visitor this afternoon. #avgeek #snowbirds 16:12:59

Tweets for 2019-04-30

RT @CWHM: Today, we successfully ran all 4 V-12 Merlins for the first time since undergoing winter maintenance. Everything ra… 17:30:46

Tweets for 2019-04-26

RT @hillelogram: One of my most controversial software opinions is that your sleep quality and stress level matter far, far more tha… 06:44:26

Tweets for 2019-04-20

I’ve come to the conclusion that @Apple stores are designed to be frustrating so already frustrated people won’t wa… 13:16:34 Baseball fights are funny. 14:12:19

Tweets for 2019-04-18

Luxury! 06:05:11 Maybe I’m wrong, cuz I’ve never really fully understood “DevOps”, but weren’t we heading towards coupling Developme… 06:45:41

Tweets for 2019-04-11

RT @TodayvilleE: Podcasting has provided two different but complementary avenues of self-expression for Terence C. Gannon. Immerse y… 21:28:07

Tweets for 2019-04-10

RT @omar_aok: (Thread) About to go on an #ableg tangent, but first must say I have a loose conflict of interest with one of the p… 19:25:22