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Twitter digests

Tweets for 2017-11-22

RT @bonanos: I see you coming, Black Friday. In the meantime, have you met Spam Wednesday? 11:38:51

Tweets for 2017-11-18

RT @bruce_croxon: @acoyne Maybe has something to do with their complete misstep on the #unfairtaxchanges and the conflict of interes… 08:38:45 RT @ThePracticalDev: Software development 08:46:30

Tweets for 2017-11-11

Wow! It really is "fight and bite"! Cc @hotdogsladies @siracusa #RecDiffs 18:05:05

Tweets for 2017-10-29

RT @FriedgeHNIC: "One such person…had been receiving funding…for 23 years before being cut off." Why hurt those who need it most? 19:25:18

Tweets for 2017-10-23

I just wish I could have one @atlassian upgrade experience that wasn't rage and stress inducing. 17:49:27

Tweets for 2017-10-22

+100 Dad points. 08:50:42

Tweets for 2017-10-21

RT @bruce_croxon: Last i checked, you report to tax payers " Morneau says he reports …, not to journalists – The Globe and Mail 11:17:45

Tweets for 2017-10-19

RT @Andrews_j4: @CBCAlerts @CBCNews “He must do more” = resignation. Resign @Bill_Morneau , you can’t be trusted in the position you’re in. 17:31:44

Tweets for 2017-10-13

RT @bruce_croxon: Govt workers, big public corps, banks, family trusts and french Villa owners ..the people NOT affected by proposed #unfairtaxchanges 06:13:34

Tweets for 2017-10-08

RT @jaypalter: Do you know the impact of proposed federal tax changes on your clients? @FaulknersRazor explains with @RazorPlan –… 07:30:25 RT @acoyne: Liberal election platform: “We will make free votes in the House of Commons standard practice.” The reality: 07:32:27