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Tweets for 2019-03-19

Hopefully not a real time recount of the story …. that’ll take a few days to listen to …. 😉 Looking forward t… 21:17:06 If I’m correct, the trajectory from Kitty Hawk to _this_ is definitely miraculous…. 21:26:54

Tweets for 2019-03-09

RT @IntellogInc: Our client @WNDXSchool has opened registration for the free, one hour webinar introducing the curriculum of their… 13:04:58

Tweets for 2019-03-08

RT @NTYessays: Host @TerenceCGannon was recently interviewed by syndicated #techcolumnist and popular #publicspeaker @gadgetgreg o… 11:58:12

Tweets for 2019-03-05

RT @RayMuzyka: This is ironic (and sad): The largest ever study has shown the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine is actually linke… 17:47:03

Tweets for 2019-02-28

Someone explain to me how passengers are expected to get themselves and their gear from the train station to the tr… 05:24:15

Tweets for 2019-02-20

RT @RCAF_ARC: Sixty years ago, on this day #today in 1959, the Avro Arrow program was cancelled. Although it was flown by #RCAF t… 06:00:39

Tweets for 2019-02-09

RT @BrimleyLine: As of today, all of @PearlJam’s current and former members have crossed the Brimley/Cocoon Line. 10:12:58

Tweets for 2019-01-19

RT @BrooklinePR: Tonight is the 25th anniversary of the PSAC STARS & Spurs Gala – an annual event that has raised over $16 million i… 20:07:35

Tweets for 2018-12-31

RT @TerenceCGannon: The @NHLFlames’ @JohnGaudreau03 creates his own indoor weather system just before passing to @LindholmElias. The fo… 22:30:15

Tweets for 2018-12-30

RT @justplainmonty: Play the CFL game in August in Antigonish. Truck in bleachers. Make it a weekend doubleheader with the X-Men season… 15:16:18