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Twitter digests

Tweets for 2019-08-10

I’m sure someone has asked this somewhere, but are we sure #JeffreyEpstein is actually dead? I mean, wouldn’t fak… 10:35:12

Tweets for 2019-07-13

“Why Cutting Costs is Expensive: How $9/Hour Software Engineers Cost Boeing Billions” by @_ericelliott 09:07:11 Whoever made the decision to outsource Boeing’s flight system software development should be charged with 346 counts of 2nd degree murder. in reply to whalespine 09:12:21

Tweets for 2019-06-25

RT @FizFashizzle: I know I only have like 12 followers but look at this fucking shit. @Wayfair is supplying the concentration camps a… 15:54:43

Tweets for 2019-06-10

RT @strombo: Listen to the grandson of the Greatest Canadian. 12:41:57

Tweets for 2019-06-07

RT @NTYessays: An article by @JaneWakefield of @BBCNews about the nearly 100 year old British Model Flying Association (#BMFA) wor… 08:24:07

Tweets for 2019-06-03

RT @countcarbon: 150 years ago we lived in a world of high fertility and high child mortality. The world has made a lot of progress… 19:25:24

Tweets for 2019-05-26

Physics, FTW. 08:34:49

Tweets for 2019-05-20

RT @Rainmaker1973: #Today in 1940, Igor Sikorsky demonstrated his helicopter invention to the public 21:26:14

Tweets for 2019-05-14

Helping my daughter with math yesterday … Me: What’s 8×7? Her: *pauses* Siri: Eight times seven is fifty six. 14:49:15

Tweets for 2019-05-02

RT @TheWookieeRoars: The family of Peter Mayhew, with deep love and sadness, regrets to share the news that Peter has passed away. He l… 16:46:13