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Twitter digests

Tweets for 2016-04-09

RT @dosnostalgic: RT if you remember 17:25:14

Tweets for 2016-02-13

RT @jabolins: The radical plan to destroy time zones – The Washington Post 10:31:37

Tweets for 2015-12-30

RT @23GoldenApples: @adamcurry @THErealDVORAK Ian Murdock, founder of Debian Linux, dead at 42 or alleged suicide after run-in with cops 18:20:55

Tweets for 2015-11-25

Worst visualization of the solar system ever. 18:36:44

Tweets for 2015-11-24

RT @DenishPatel: Marketing email from @MongoDB: "allows you to easily visualize your MongoDB schema and build queries graphically." Aren't you schemaless? 16:08:00

Tweets for 2015-11-19

RT @jschauma: "Terrorists use encryption to plot killing people with guns. We must ban encryption!" "What about guns?" "No point, they don't follow laws." 14:58:09

Tweets for 2015-11-18

RT @magnushagander: OH: "Banks don't take risks. The banks job is to move risk to somebody else. That somebody else is YOU." #pci #pgconfsv thanks @Xof! 18:15:37

Tweets for 2015-11-15

RT @Ihnatko: On the blog: Let it begin with me. 09:22:55

Tweets for 2015-11-13

RT @GlennThibeault: Please retweet. Important numbers to get out there. 18:32:06

Tweets for 2015-11-05

RT @VoxVolo: Founder @TerenceCGannon posted "If We Want to Use Technology to Renew Democracy, We're Starting in the Wrong Place": 07:25:07