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Tweets for 2017-09-21

RT @natnewswatch: Alam: Trudeau’s sinister stand against doctors via @torontostar 06:10:31 One word: Risk 06:57:02 RT @iamdevloper: if I was dumbledore I would've hid the philosophers stone in jira's ui 07:45:22

Tweets for 2017-09-19

RT @bruce_croxon: why would a gov't who professes to care about the middle class choose to stifle the people who create the most jobs ? small business owners 08:33:19

Tweets for 2017-09-17

RT @CADInnovators: Opinion: Liberals small-business tax changes could tip economy into recession #cdnpoli 08:41:24

Tweets for 2017-09-16

RT @bruce_croxon: Economy is healthy. Record taxes being collected. Inflation low. Why the need to change things @JustinTrudeau ? #UnfairTaxChanges 17:26:18 RT @DougBlackAB: As one of Canada’s most successful entrepreneurs, @WBrettWilson should be carefully listened to. #unfairtaxchanges 19:23:15

Tweets for 2017-09-15

RT @bruce_croxon: And this is where tax policy comes from 05:36:15

Tweets for 2017-09-14

RT @jaypalter: Impact of tax changes on small businesses greater than you think – Bravo @timcestnick 19:10:19

Tweets for 2017-09-12

RT @bruce_croxon: latest #unfairtaxchanges theory. those born into too much wealth feel guilty about it and enact policy to make them feel better 09:48:06

Tweets for 2017-09-11

RT @markrmcqueen: I'm all for making things more "fair," but this gives you a sense of y #Entrepreneurs feel unfairly targeted… 12:29:39 I've found that it is hard to get SRED funds for software b/c software dev typically doesn't look like traditional… 12:34:05 RT @FastCompany: This is what recruiters are thinking when job […]

Tweets for 2017-09-07

RT @bruce_croxon: Why tax advantages for #entrepreneurs? We're on our own – no benefits or severance or ways to compensate us for the risk #UnfairTaxChanges 18:53:19

Tweets for 2017-09-06

RT @bruce_croxon: a simple request to our #gov't .please allow us to keep doing what we do without taxing the #*%# out of us. we will inovate and create jobs 15:08:49