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Twitter digests

Tweets for 2016-10-21

Cows are available online now? 07:34:36 RT @ceciliakang: For a DOS attack on Dyn of this magnitude to succeed is very scary: 21:57:19

Tweets for 2016-10-14

RT @WorkNotWork: The seed for The #WorkNotWork Show was planted some 35 years ago. Just didn’t realize it back then. #careerchoices 11:02:11

Tweets for 2016-10-10

Final straw for @TELUSsupport 17:47:15

Tweets for 2016-10-09

RT @WilliamTurton: dang it's almost as if the fear of frivolous litigation from endlessly wealthy people is impeding journalism 07:03:50

Tweets for 2016-10-02

Not to mention AML and CTF. 10:28:06

Tweets for 2016-09-28

"Shanghai Leadership Lab: Understanding Tmall Data is the Key to Success in China" by @theGRINlabs on @LinkedIn 09:36:36

Tweets for 2016-09-27

RT @LouWillfknsvg: @calgarytransit what is happening at university station 16:25:06 RT @Alixmeh: @calgarytransit just wondering why the north bound train isn't moving from the university stop 16:26:30

Tweets for 2016-09-26

"Cyber" is not a noun. 20:12:24

Tweets for 2016-09-21

RT @Medium: “It’s more than just ‘teach kids to code’” by @anildash 07:10:15 RT @KhalSir: @LookASingh #FunkYourTurban @WorldSikhOrg 07:47:48

Tweets for 2016-09-20

RT @hotdogsladies: Debating Trump with logic is like trying to issue seatbelt citations on a clown car. 05:21:42