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Twitter digests

Tweets for 2016-08-16

RT @JZdziarski: Coworker's unattended Mac: crontab -e */30 * * * * say -v whisper "I am watching you" You're welcome. 15:59:35

Tweets for 2016-07-25

RT @joshelman: Another must read post to help with perspective on what is happening politically. 07:12:03

Tweets for 2016-07-18

RT @senderblock23: "MY SOUP WAS TOO HOT" 21:02:38

Tweets for 2016-07-14

Given the number of deaths caused by cars, we should update traditional car piloting systems as well. 17:46:26

Tweets for 2016-07-11

RT @OilVoice: We All Love to Travel 08:32:54

Tweets for 2016-07-08

RT @TheLewisBlack: After this week, maybe we should lower the flag to three feet off the ground. When we get our shit together we can raise it to half-mast. 14:32:04

Tweets for 2016-06-27

RT @michaelneale: Has anyone tried turning the UK off and on again? 07:55:23

Tweets for 2016-06-26

Bang on. Also why coding boot camps and the "everyone learn to code" movement are not the panacea people think. 13:34:46 RT @TerenceCGannon: To my friends in the software development community, do I have this right? 13:54:46

Tweets for 2016-06-24

RT @RyanJohnNelson: It's fine. I mean, history is full of examples where rampant nationalism and economic hardship produce some of humanity's shining moments. 07:16:08

Tweets for 2016-06-23

RT @KenJennings: At least Americans will never vote for some weird nativist nightmare, in defiance of both major party establishments! 22:26:13