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More Holmes on Homes

I’ve been watching more Holmes on Homes this week, and the more I watch the greater my respect gets for Mike Holmes. There are lessons in this show which should be learned by anyone who is building or renovating anything.

Here are some of the principles I’ve gleaned from Mike Holmes. They are just as applicable to software development as they are to house renovation. They are also just as often ignored in software development as they are in house renovation.

  • Don’t patch over crap work and don’t be afraid to rip up crap work before starting again.
  • Take the time to assess a situation completely, before jumping into the fixes.
  • When you do have a complete list of what is wrong, be able to explain in simple terms what is wrong and what it will take to fix the problems.
  • Use specialists. Get the right people for the job. Know your limitations.
  • Be on time and if you can’t be on time, let your client know as soon as possible. Give them good reasons.
  • Be creative.
  • Listen to the ideas of the people around you.
  • Encourage novice workers to take on harder work and stretch themselves.
  • Be honest about whatever the situation is.
  • If you are going to do something, do it right the first time.