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Ruby / Rails / MySQL

The last major step in setting up the new PB was to fix the version of ruby that comes with Tiger, install rails and install mysql.

Apparently the version of ruby that Apple shipped with Tiger causes problems when you try to use C extensions. I’m not too sure of the details or how this manifests itself, but the script found here seems to fix everything up nicely. It installs rubygems, fixes rbconfig.rb, and installs readline. No issues when I ran it.

What with rubygems installed, I just had to do a ‘gem install rails’ to get Rails up and running. I actually have yet to run the app I’m developing, but I generated a new test app and so far so good.

Finally, mysql turned out to be a bit of a pain. I tried using fink, but whatever the heck it installed didn’t work very well. I couldn’t connect with CocoaMysql and things just seemed generally broken. Anyway, in the end I decided to go right to mysql and download their disk image. Everything seemed to work fine after that. I actually used the instructions here so thanks goes out to Drupal!

As of now, my dev environment is set up on the new PB. The only thing left to do is actually develop something.