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Still Just A Process

When it comes right down to it, Scrum (or any other agile methodology for that matter) is still just a process that some people somewhere have apparently had success with. It is just a set of techniques/steps that people have used to develop software. Scrum is still subject to abuse, mis-use, mis-implementation and incorrect targeting like any other set of techniques, regardless of their “Agile” status. When you start doing a process because a book said so or because you’ve don’t know what else to do or because someone in the executive boardroom wants to know you are “doing a process” there is a good chance you are in ‘process for process sake’ mode, which is not good. If it doesn’t benefit the development of software, you shouldn’t do it. Period.

One sure fire way to tell if you are doing process for process sake is if developers on your team are ignoring the process (or just doing the minimum amount of work to be compliant with it) and no one cares or notices because they are still successfully developing the software.