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Chris is a developer after my own heart. He’s lazy, anal retentive and artistic. And those are complements!

I’ve always felt laziness was one of the keys to being a good software developer. At IIA I named a project that ran-a-muck through the engineering department. It was called “S.E.A.L.” which stood for “Software Engineers Are Lazy”. The initial project used XML and XSLT to generate code for communication protocols. It made it very easy for a message protocol to be defined in XML and C++, Java and Perl code to be auto-generated through XSLT. It made it _way_ easier to change protocols down the road. Before I knew it, the same technique was being used all over the place for everything from statistics definitions to stored procedure interfaces. Since my name was in most of the XSLT files, my name endedup in a truckload of generated code used at IIA, despite the fact that I wrote it only once. Now _that_ is lazy paying off. 🙂