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Firefox 3.5 + WordPress Slowness

I’ve been experiencing some slowness of late working with WordPress (specifically the admin dashboard) on Firefox 3.5. Opera and Safari seemed to be just fine, but it has been taking a really long time lately to do things like bring up the “Edit Page” admin page.

It finally got annoying enough that I had to get it fixed. Google is your friend, of course, and a quick search led me to this forum post on It pointed me towards Firefox extensions being the problem. I only run two FF extensions namely: the Web Developer add-on and the great Firebug. I disabled them both and low and behold, the slowness with the WP admin pages was gone. Unfortunately, I consider neither of those plugins dispensable, so had to re-enable both of them. Just to determine which one was causing the slowness, I enabled them one at a time, but the slowness didn’t come back. I’ve got both my plugins back in place and the slowness issues have gone away. Go figure.