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Links for July 30th through August 17th

Git – Fast Version Control System. Tags: development svn git An implausibly illustrated introduction to HTML5 Web Workers. Tags: javascript html5 jQuery Mobile | jQuery Mobile. Tags: jquery javascript mobile The Power of Ignorance – Anthony Tjan – Harvard Business Review. Tags: entrepreneurship The Big Sleep – New York Times. Tags: interesting 3 jQuery plugins […]

Links for July 19th through July 29th

jquery-websocket – Project Hosting on Google Code. Tags: html5 jquery websockets Start Using HTML5 WebSockets Today | Nettuts+. Tags: html5 javascript jquery Font Preview – Google Font Directory. Tags: css3 web fonts Google jQuery Test-Driven Development. Tags: to_Read jquery javascript jQuery Plugins | Jacob King. Tags: jquery javascript jQuery Quicksand plugin. Tags: javascript jquery Configuring […]

Links for June 27th through July 13th

Top 10 Performance Problems taken from Zappos, Monster, Thomson and Co Performance, Scalability and Architecture – Java and .NET Application Performance Management (dynaTrace Blog). Tags: development performance Web Directions Reflections, part 2: Mobile Development with John Resig and Jonathan Stark. Tags: jquery toread Wireless Charging Comes to iPhone – PCWorld Business Center. Tags: ToBuy iPhone […]

Links for June 11th through June 24th

jQuery TRNSFR – Sexy Progress Bars. Tags: jQuery javascript iPad VGA Output » Matt Legend Gemmell. Tags: iPad development John Graham-Cumming: UI editing is a professional job. Tags: programming ui usability ux HTML5Rocks – Home. Tags: html5 web jQuery Sprite Animation. Tags: jquery javascript Mac-like icon dock (v2) – using jQuery – JavaScript/CSS Projects – […]

Links for May 28th through June 10th

CSS3 Calc. Tags: CSS3 web iPad in iBook. Tags: apple toread A jQuery UI Combobox: Under the hood » Learning jQuery – Tips, Techniques, Tutorials. Tags: toRead jquery javascript Is That All? « yield thought. Tags: software Gwaredd Space: Game Development in a Post-Agile World. Tags: Agile ToRead Stanley Cup HTML5 Visualization. Tags: HTML5 CSS3 […]

Links for April 28th through May 27th

BounceBox Notification Plugin With jQuery. Tags: jQuery javascript Alpha Geek: How to digitize cassette tapes. Tags: ToDo Emerging Techniques Every Web Developer Should Know – Tags: HTML html5 javascript web How to quickly integrate with Twitter’s OAuth API using PHP :: Jaisen Mathai. Tags: php Twitter jQuery Circulate. Tags: Jquery Javascript jQuery UI 1.9 […]

Links for April 15th through April 27th

jcotton. Tags: javascript html5 web mrdoob’s three.js at master – GitHub. Tags: javscript html5 The CSS 3 Flexible Box Model ✩ Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog. Tags: web css3 Tips for Developing jQuery UI Widgets | Eric Hynds – Website Developer. Tags: Jquery humble software development – Demos – Trig. Tags: javascript html5 […]

Links for February 8th through April 12th

Raymond Camden. Tags: Jquery Javascript HippoRemote Pro — The Web Surfing, Tweeting, Universal App Remote. Tags: iPhone SunSpider 0.9.1 JavaScript Benchmark. Tags: javascript Modern Web Design Style, Good Web 2.0 Design – Web Design. Tags: Web Quick Tip: An Introduction to jQuery Templating | Nettuts. Tags: jQuery javascript jQuery Templates Proposal – jquery – GitHub. […]

Links for January 5th through February 5th

gMap – Google Maps Plugin For jQuery | About. Tags: javascript jquery David DeSandro: jQuery Masonry. Tags: jquery javascript A Simple and Robust jQuery 1.4 CDN Failover in One Line | The Worm Hole. Tags: javascript jquery 500 Internal Server Error. Tags: none jQuery Plugin Design Patterns: Part I | Fuel Your Coding. Tags: jquery […]

Links for November 17th through January 4th

jsdoc-toolkit – Project Hosting on Google Code. Tags: javascript JSDoc Homepage – JavaScript Documentation Tool. Tags: javascript The Web Sockets API. Tags: Web HTML5 jQuery Macros. Tags: javascript jquery VagrantRadio – Stupid jQuery Tricks. Tags: jquery javascript 10 jQuery snippets for efficient developers. Tags: javascript jquery web Styling Buttons and Toolbars with the jQuery UI […]