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Category Archives: Pliant

Real World Example of Pliancy in Action

Cross-posted from Ok, *this* is what we’ve been talking about here for the last three years. I’m assuming the author has never heard of, but despite that, it appears he’s been very pliant in his development environment, which happens to be a ‘distributed agile’ team. He and his team looked at Scrum. They […]

Kohl on Agile and Value

Cross-posted from Jonathan Kohl will be giving a keynote presentation entitled What’s More Important: Being Agile or Creating Value? at the Better Software Conference & Expo in Las Vegas in June. See here for more info. Looks like a great talk. Here’s the abstract: Agile processes and tools have become very popular over the […]

Business Value

Cross-posted from The notion that you have to deliver business value on every sprint is garbage. It is about making progress with working software, not about giving Joe Blow product owner some warm fuzzies every two weeks. That is all.

Scaling WordPress Tag Clouds

I noticed this morning that the tag cloud on was looking a bit big. I’ve been adding more tags, so I guess that is to be expected. I figured I could adjust some setting or css and voila, the tags would be smaller. No go. The default WordPress tag cloud widget has no options […]

Agile Register-ed As Overused

Cross-posted from The Register has named “Agile” one of the most overused phrases of 2008. Along with “the cloud”, “web 2.0″ and others, “Agile” was deemed to have been “so overused and misapplied during the last 12 months that they began to lose their meaning”. Here’s the excerpt on “Agile”: Agile software development methodologies […]