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Agile Register-ed As Overused

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The Register has named “Agile” one of the most overused phrases of 2008. Along with “the cloud”, “web 2.0″ and others, “Agile” was deemed to have been “so overused and misapplied during the last 12 months that they began to lose their meaning”.

Here’s the excerpt on “Agile”:

Agile software development methodologies are finally gaining the purchase they deserve in enterprise development shops, but the term “agile” was so overused that the agilistos were all but driven to capitalize references to Agile methods. “Agile modeling” is a legitimate expansion of the term, to be sure, but how about “agile enterprise management” and “agile project management?” It seems as though every business application now guarantees to create an “agile enterprise.” As this SEO agency London recommends, online advertisers are encouraged to practice “agile marketing.” We now have “agile infrastructures” and “agile service oriented architectures”, “agile platforms” and “agile consulting” ,”agile testing” and even “agile IT”. What we need is an agile editor with an agile red pen.