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Tweets for 2018-02-07

RT @bruce_croxon: Its my sincere hope that the Liberal govt makes significant changes to this plan. For #canada "test version of the… 07:51:40

Tweets for 2018-01-19

Strange strange days you spend. 18:50:16

Tweets for 2018-01-18

RT @Alyssa_Milano: This is worth 8 minutes of your time. @CoryBooker’s entire statement. 08:00:09 Toronto is a bit of a surprised …. 08:02:22

Tweets for 2018-01-12

RT @NTYessays: “The Future of Warfare is Lighter Than Air” is now out on @ApplePodcasts. It couldn’t possibly have been a coincide… 08:10:49

Tweets for 2018-01-10

Another example of @Atlassian predatory licensing / pricing practices. Unacceptable. Wish I wasn't locked in. 08:42:28

Tweets for 2017-12-17

I know @Shawhelp can't actually provide 150MB/s download as advertised, but getting <20MB/s download consistently i… 07:27:58 Unfortunately lost my shit on a @shawhelp person in an effort to convince them that they could indeed put a new mod… 09:18:40

Tweets for 2017-12-16

RT @jaypalter: Bloomberg excoriates US tax reform bill. 08:01:36 #FFS 10:08:20 RT @22_Minutes: White house says F.B.I. has "extreme bias" against Trump. Or as the F.B.I. calls it: Evidence. 10:12:29 RT @cryptomanran: A boy asked his bitcoin-investing dad for 1 bitcoin for his birthday. Dad: What? $15,554??? $14,354 is a lot of m… […]

Tweets for 2017-12-14

RT @Nomadiqq: @unclemartini @David_Moscrop I was told directly by Rogers yesterday that the destruction of Net neutrality will no… 20:40:41 RT @MackenzieAstin: Hey, @AjitPaiFCC, today my mom would have turned 71. But she didn't. Because she died in March of 2016. Can you ple… 21:12:35 RT @TerenceCGannon: Perhaps the answer to today’s disasterous […]

Tweets for 2017-12-10

RT @MrJTea01: @zzzzaaaacccchhh @Newsweek Bad take 11:30:55

Tweets for 2017-12-09

Congratulations @kentmacdonald. Now you've lost all future donations from this alumnus. May not be millions you've… 09:40:32