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Mac Notes

A few notes so far: – Fink seems cool. Since it appears to be just a front-end on apt-get and I since come from Debian it all makes sense to me. – Since I’m an emacs guy, I wanted to get that up and running. I installed X11Usr.pkg which for some reason is an optional […]

Real Rails Results

About a month ago I was talking about my initial forays into Ruby and RubyOnRails. I’ve sinced written what I consider to be a real (if simple) application and I’m still impressed with Rails. Over the last 5 weeks, I have worked about 40 hours (including database development) on an administration website for the latest […]

Rails Again

I continue to be impressed with the speed of web app development with Rails. I decided to write another simple web app to play around some more with Rails and see exactly how fast I could do it. I developed a simple status report tool, which is kind of similar to the comment form processor […]

More Rails

Oh yeah, could you add a timestamp to that app so we know when the row was added? Sure… “ALTER TABLE blah ADD COLUMN created_on timestamp(14);” Done…(and I mean _completely_ done). Wow. Nice.

Bye Bye Java, Hello Ruby

Maybe “Bye Bye Java” is a little extreme, but it got your attention I bet. Especially if you know how much Java I’ve done in the past, both professionally and in my spare time. So what could possibly make me give up Java? Well there were really only two places where I was doing much […]