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Mac Notes

A few notes so far:

– Fink seems cool. Since it appears to be just a front-end on apt-get and I since come from Debian it all makes sense to me.
– Since I’m an emacs guy, I wanted to get that up and running. I installed X11Usr.pkg which for some reason is an optional install on the 10.4 CD. Once I located that, it was fairly smooth sailing. I also installed all the developer tools in /Appications/Installer/XCode Tools/XCodeTools.mpkg and that made a few hickups go away (like not having gcc installed). The only other issue is that the emacs that comes built into Tiger does not support X11 apparently, so I used fink to install the correct version. Then I had to fix up my path so /sw/bin was first and emacs was working. Yeehaw.
– On a lark, I decided to do an ‘apt-get install cvs’ to get the cvs client. It worked. I guess I should have expected that. 🙂
– My only disappointment so far has been with Firefox and Java. Apparently there is some issue with Java 1.4.2 running on Firefox on OS X. I haven’t read through the whole bug report, but suffice it to say, none of my applets work. They do work in Safari though, so if I ever feel like working on them again, I do have that option.

Now on to Java 1.5 and Ruby/Rails.