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The Tiger Cometh

Ok, so we decided to continue to attempt to get a Mac. We went back to the first reseller we had gone too, who had actually ordered us a machine, but it was taking _forever_ to show up. Yesterday it showed up (almost 4 weeks since we ordered it), and now we are the proud owners of a 15″ Powerbook. So far I’m really impressed. Set up was easy and I find myself saying “Hey, that’s neat” quite a bit. Lots of little things that just make it feel like someone took the time to think about the details. I’m not sure if my years of Windows use has made me blind to all the details of that OS and maybe it is the “newness” factor kicking in, but OS X and the machine itself just seem to be put together well.

I’ve only done basic setup of mail and wireless network and things like that. I’ve got a bunch of development setup I want to do so I can hack some of my projects when I’m away from the home network so we’ll see how that goes. Everything has been really smooth and so far I’m happy with the purchase.