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Burnout: Revenge

The Burnout people have taken it to the next level … again! The Burnout franchise is one of the few that gets significantly better with every new release without messing with the original formula.

Better graphics, better sound, better crashes are just the tip of the ice berg. The whole idea of chasing down a specific opponent who was being a jerk (i.e. “Revenge Target”) to you is quite fun. Not to mention traffic checking which allows you to bump non-opponent cars on the road that are going the same way as you without actually crashing yourself. This leads to some pretty wild crashes and takedowns. A couple new modes and some tweaks to the old favorites like eliminator mode and crash mode add immensely to the fun.

And they kept that sense of speed and fear that makes Burnout so cool. This is the only video game I’ve played where I actually flinch at close calls. The experience is like no other.

I don’t have a rating system but if I did I’d give “Burnout: Revenge” five stars, five out of five, A+, whatever. A really fun game that, like I said, takes the Burnout franchise to the next level.