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Burnout: Revenge

The Burnout people have taken it to the next level … again! The Burnout franchise is one of the few that gets significantly better with every new release without messing with the original formula. Better graphics, better sound, better crashes are just the tip of the ice berg. The whole idea of chasing down a […]

Mary Poppendieck at CAMUG

I went to see Mary Poppendieck, of “Lean Development” fame at CAMUG last night. Good speaker with a lot of good ideas about how to make software development processes more valuable and less wasteful. She has quite a bit of experience in the manufacturing industry which is applicable to software development. Key Thoughts: You can’t […]

NHL 2K5 Redux

Ok, so a few weeks ago I reviewed Sega’s latest offering in the PS2 hockey department, NHL2K5. I had some problems with it, not the least of which was the CPU mis-managing my lines and the season and franchise mode crashing. These, along with a few other little issues, made me disregard the whole game. […]

The Latest PS2 Game Reviews

Two PS2 games on tap tonight. Both are relatively new, both are the latest and greatest in their series , but one really blows the other away for me. EA’s “Burnout 3” was exactly what a sequel should be, bigger and better, but not messing with the basic formula of its book of ra predecessor. […]

Robert C. Martin at CAMUG

I went to see Bob Martin speak at CAMUG last night. He’s quite a good speaker and seems like a smart guy. He basically talked about how the way we do software development currently is broken and that we can do so much better. I couldn’t agree more. Some choice thoughts from the talk (these […]

The New Playstation 2

Picked up the new Playstation 2 today, somewhat unexpectedly. I didn’t think they were out yet, but they are and why wait. Of course with the purchase came the requirement to set up a wireless bridge to the basement, but that’s another story. Suffice to say, I spent a bit of money today on ps4 […]