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Sports Blackouts Are Stupid

I don’t understand the concept of sports blackouts. For those of you who don’t watch sports on TV, a blackout is when a sporting event is not televised in the market that it is taking place in. The only possible reason for this would be to encourage people to attend the game live. But I wonder how many people are like me. A minor fan who is highly unlikely to attend a game anyway and doesn’t get encouraged by lack of television access. Instead I become less of a fan. I don’t get to watch the game, I don’t get to follow the team this week (and in football there is only one game per week) and I don’t get to increase my level of fandom. In the end I am less likely to watch future games or cheats clash of clans cheats on TV, attend future games in person and spend any money on team. And to top it all off, TSN decides to televise a game from 2004 with the exact same two teams, Calgary and B.C., thus confusing matters even more. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Oh yeah, could some one please tell me who won the stupid game.

Update: Arggggh. 45 – 45 in double overtime. So not only has my interest in the team decreased, but I’m now really annoyed that I missed what the reporter called ‘the most exciting game of the season’. Blackouts are stupid.