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Twitter Digest

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been conducting a bit of a Twitter experiment. The experiment itself is on going and I’ll write about it sometime in the future, but one of the fruits of the experiment is a WordPress plugin. I’ve been hacking WordPress plugins for a while now, but this is the first plugin I’ve written from scratch. Although, truth be told, it wasn’t completely from scratch since I used the Twitter Tools plugin for inspiration and help.

Twitter Digest is a simple plugin which creates posts on a daily basis containing Twitter tweets from the previous 24 hours for a particular account. Those of you who are particularly observant and/or read my post about doing this last month, may know that I’ve been using the plugin myself for the last couple of weeks. Every night all my tweets from the previous day get posted to the blog automatically. It was really an effort to not have to post stuff in more than one place. I don’t have time to post to Twitter and post to the blog, so this plugin fills the gap. The Twitter Tools plugin has digest functionality but it is labeled as ‘experimental’ and the plugin doesn’t appear to be actively maintained. Although I did spend some time trying to fix issues with Twitter Tools digest code, in the end, it was just easier to write a plugin that did exactly what I wanted and no more.

At some point, I’ll get this plugin in the WordPress plugins repository.