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Tweets for 2009-02-09

  • Wet in Winnipeg. But of course, it will freeze overnight and then it’ll be skating to work for everyone. 20:25:29
  • Today’s matinee was a waste of time. I don’t even want to link to it. 16:44:37
  • WTF? There’s a WWE Studios? That doesn’t bode well for this afternoon’s matinee. 13:37:01
  • LMAO at Pineapple Express over the weekend. Up for some vulgar dope-soaked hilarity? This is definitely the one. 13:33:36
  • I think I’ve reached saturation on my Twitter news feeds. If I see one more Kindle 2 tweet, there’s going to be trouble. 11:44:30
  • Acer Aspire One 10″ review. Heading to the top of my list. 11:02:56
  • Haven’t yet considered the Samsung NC10-14GB. Doesn’t stand out though. 09:48:32
  • BTW, I’m well aware the Jobs’ influence will last for a long time at Apple. But apparently Wall Street doesn’t care if he takes time off. 09:34:48
  • AAPL back up over $100. So much for needing Steve. 09:16:21
  • Is Twitter a real search competitor for Google? Never really thought about it, but it makes sense. 08:35:06