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Tweets for 2009-02-28

  • Not proud to be a Canadian at the moment. These idiot ISPs can’t even get their technical info right. 12:56:22
  • “P2P file sharing is designed to cause network congestion,” – uhhh … no Rogers, no. You are stupid. 12:56:51
  • And CIRPA, The Pirate Bay does not “distribute large volumes of unauthorized content” Figure out what the Ps mean in P2P, morons. 12:58:05
  • And denying access to the internet for _accusation_ of copyright infringement?? Please. This is the True North Strong and _Free_. 12:59:33
  • Rant over. 12:59:40
  • Interesting article re: turning customers into pirates. 14:23:23
  • I’ve had similar poor experiences lately with QSR and the activation process for their ultra-niche software. FAIL. 14:24:40
  • And now for something completely different. Belly button lint. 14:26:28