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Tweets for 2009-03-17

  • As a wanna-be blogger, I’m having trouble doing that part between coming up with a post idea and publishing a nicely written piece. 08:24:26
  • It still boggles my mind how many tinyurl-ish services there are. 11:48:47
  • RT @leolaporte “yes i’m that good at etch a sketch [pic]
  • ArsTechnica live blog of the Apple iPhone 3.0 announcements, FTW. 11:52:15
  • Only one problem with Ars’ live updater. It isn’t updating. 11:57:41
  • Ars’ live updater working again. FTW again. 🙂 12:03:07
  • Seriously. Live event coverage WITHOUT ajaxy non-browser refreshing updates is just not acceptable in 2009. Just like non-ajax slideshows. 12:05:34
  • Finally upgrading the firmware on my Seagate drives. Something you don’t want to see on your NAS RAID display “Data is most certainly lost” 12:51:52
  • Hard drive is upgraded and rsyncing into the RAID array. Huzzah! 12:52:14
  • @mollywood Keep going. Your take is about as un-worshippy as it gets. in reply to mollywood 13:04:18
  • On man. Now the iPhone has cut & paste. Seriously have no reason not get one now. Oh, except the cost. 13:07:23
  • Apple to smart phone competitors: “What now, bitches?” 13:28:49
  • Dell Adamo website is horrible. I can’t actually find any specs. FAIL 23:50:53
  • Ok, found the page. Looks nice, but now I’m annoyed by their stupid Flash marketing site. 23:51:57