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Tweets for 2010-01-27

  • Tablet day. I wonder if it will be half as good as the rumours. 09:57:49
  • Watching twitter,, and for today's coverage. 10:31:41
  • Hmm… wonder if I'll get any work done today. 10:31:55
  • "Obsessive compulsory coverage" on Leo is really pushing the envelope of independent live news coverage. 10:40:16
  • $AAPL down a couple bucks this morning. 10:57:13
  • Here's my far out prediction. The tablet will be subsidized by content providers and will be stupidly cheap. Like under $500. 11:01:28
  • @dryas Happy Tablet Day to you too! I've got four monitors full of coverage in front of me. Well, half of one monitor is 'work' 🙂 in reply to dryas 11:16:20
  • How about this… no camera on the tablet, but tight integration with the iPhone to provide video conferencing capability. 11:27:25
  • The iPad… I want one. 😉 12:11:28
  • Kinda just looks like a giant iPhone. 12:11:45
  • Ha. I was right. Under $500!!! 13:19:13
  • Obviously $499 USD for the 16GB iPad, but still, no one was calling that… except me. 😉 13:21:13