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Tweets for 2010-09-01

  • Apple has a store in the Louvre?!?! 11:04:55
  • Wow, Steve let the buttons back on the Shuffle. 11:24:41
  • Steve seems a little off this morning. 11:32:02
  • Ha, nice deliberate emphasis on privacy in Apple's Ping. Take that FB. 11:46:28
  • Hmmm, Ping is really going to drive sales. Smart. 11:47:29
  • One more thing … here comes FaceTime on iTV… 11:51:25
  • Two bullet points into iTV and I already want one. 11:52:38
  • If iTV can stream _any_ content from another computer, that'd be gold. 11:54:13
  • Doesn't look like it has a camera, so no FaceTime. 🙁 11:55:30
  • Movie/TV rental better be available in Canada. 11:57:12
  • I wonder if there are any restrictions on streaming content from another computer on AppleTV. 11:59:17
  • Ackk… Apple event stream is breaking up. 12:02:41
  • $99 price for AppleTV is killer. I'll take two, please. 12:09:26
  • No FaceTime on AppleTV, but other than that, a pretty impressive launch. 12:16:28
  • My take on the Apple event… watch out Google, Skype, Facebook, and the cable companies. 12:26:41
  • How to set up your own private Git server on Linux | Bradley Wright #git 16:01:11