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The New Playstation 2

Picked up the new Playstation 2 today, somewhat unexpectedly. I didn’t think they were out yet, but they are and why wait. Of course with the purchase came the requirement to set up a wireless bridge to the basement, but that’s another story. Suffice to say, I spent a bit of money today on ps4 juegos, but so far it was well worth it

The first thing that struck me about the new Playstation 2, dubbed PStwo Free PSN Codes for some reason, was the size. I mean I had seen the pictures and read about it, but until you actually see it, you can’t really know how small it is. I’m wondering if I should even bother trying to explain it. It’s small. Tiny even. The size of a small paperback book. By far the biggest thrust to weight ratio of any of the Sony PS3 Emulator electronics in my house at the moment. It is so small, that my TV stand now looks extremely stupid with the PStwo sitting on the lower shelf and skads of open air above and around it. It’s small. What else can I say?

The next thing that struck me was the size. It’s really really small!!

Seriously though, the lack of noise is almost as impressive as the size of the PStwo. It is basically slient. I had to get down within about two feet in order to hear it. Granted they’ve taken the power supply out of the main unit and there is no expansion slot for a hdd, so presumably they didn’t need a giant fan anymore to cool the thing down, but still, the lack of noise is impressive.

Of course, one of the main reasons I got the PStwo was to take advantage of the built-in network adaptor. Between the cost of the network adaptor add on and the price I can get for my old PS2, I’m looking at about $60 worth of frivolity, which given the size and noise, is well worth it. The online action was easy to setup and I’ve been playing Burnout 3 online with Brad back in Nova Scotia all afternoon. Really cool.

There isn’t really a downside to the PStwo that I’ve found so far. I was expecting the top-load aspect of it to be annoying, but the lid opening mechanism is quiet and quick without the big ka-chunk sound I was expecting. We’ll see if the mechanism holds up over time. Also, some might complain about the lack of hard drive expansion support, but I’ve had the old PS2 for a few years now and never had the inkling to get a hard drive, so this doesn’t really matter to me. Some might be disappointed though.

Overall, I’m extremely please with the new Playstation 2. It has all the goodness and fun of the original, wrapped up in a silent little box of joy.