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Tweets for 2009-02-03

Poor pigeons. What a way to travel. 23:02:02 I’ve updated to Skype 2.8 Beta, released a few weeks. OSX finally gets Skype screen sharing. 23:00:48 Wow. SpeedDate screws up royally. Someone revoke their Web2.0 licence. 22:06:05 I think 24 needs to be watched at a quicker pace then other shows. A week […]

Links for January 29th through January 30th

These are my links for January 29th through January 30th

Links for January 24th through January 28th

These are my links for January 24th through January 28th

Tweets for 2009-01-27

Obama puts his foot down on greedy bankers. 16:24:26 Finally got a real response from my original email into Seagate about my drives. Doesn’t tell me anything I hadn’t already figured out. 16:23:26 RT @tuaw: “There are over 60 dedicated “fart apps” in the App Store. Someone open a window.” Ahh… capitalism. 14:34:56 Nothing […]

Tweets for 2009-01-24

Canada’s Do Not Call list backfires. Doh! 16:23:59 Went to a great independent toy store in Wpg this morning. Tons of stuff you don’t see at ToysRUs. 15:28:02 I really should read up on jQuery and see if it out does prototype. 12:04:52 Dang it is cold. -38C with the wind. Ugh. […]

Logitech Control Center is Garbage

Ever since I bought a Logitech mouse for my wife’s new MacBook Pro, we were getting kernel panics every couple of weeks (yes, the BSOD of OSX does exist). Suffice to say I was none too impress with Apple. Turns out, not their fault. I stumbled upon this thread which indicates tha Logitech Control Center […]

Vista a Spectacular Failure?

I haven’t even run Vista. Even though I’m a developer and make my living off Windows application development, I am frankly just not an OS tire kicker. I didn’t buy a Mac until Tiger came out, I still run the stable (_sometimes_ the testing) release of Debian and I haven’t tried Ubuntu as a possible […]

Shuffle Kafuffle

I got me an iPod Shuffle about five months ago and up until early last week I was loving it. It is small, convenient, and makes yard work, commuting, and walking the dogs a little more interesting. However last Monday my shuffle decided to die on me. It started showing signs of the infamous orange […]

OS X File Sharing

For some reason I enjoy supporting multiple operating systems at home. I have a couple Debian boxes, the Powerbook, and my wife’s Windows XP machine which I use on occasion when she’s not trying to produce a PhD thesis. All these systems are in place for various reasons, but it comes down to the fact […]