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I’ve finally got my website and blog up and running. It’s taken a while due to some procrastination on my part, but here it is.

There aren’t many words that actually describe themselves, but sesquipedalian is one. Since I’m taken with using verbiage of a protracted nature, I thought that it was an apt…or maybe even felicitous … word to use in the title of my weblog.

WordPress is my blogging tool of choice. It was easy to setup, has a pretty simple interface and it wasn’t even that hard to adjust the CSS to fit the style of Kudos to the WordPress folks for the software.

I’m not sure how often I’ll be inspired to write something here and I make no guarantees as to its usefullness, interestingness, funniness or any -ness you can think of. If you like what I write, great. If not, then I defer to the standard anti-“I don’t like what you write, make, create, film” argument – I’m not forcing you to read this drivel. 🙂

Welcome to Sesquipedalian Spew and