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Tweets for 2009-02-20

  • EeePC 1000HE shipping for all you lucky orderers. (via @engadget) 08:26:02
  • The Dell Mini 10 is now at the top of my list (if the $$ ever materializes for a netbook). Via @engadget again. 08:57:39
  • I wonder if OSX will run on the Mini10 as well as it does on the Mini9…. 08:58:41
  • No SSD or Linux options for the Mini10. Boo. 09:00:46
  • Dog food is surprisingly expensive, especially if you have a big dog. 13:24:20
  • Shaw just called and told me that my internet is now faster, apparently for free. 13:27:23
  • Shaw’s instructions seemed weird though… “unplug your cable modem, wait ten minutes and plug it back in.” Gives me a funny feeling… 13:28:11
  • What do you know, Shaw was telling the truth. tells me I’m getting 7.8Mb/s down now. Upload is the same still. 15:35:55
  • A little Star Wars actions on tap for the evening. 17:43:53
  • Seems kinda dumb to have the netbooks at Bestbuy bolted to the shelf. Its not like I’d want to pick one up and feel the weight at all. 22:04:14