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Tweets for 2009-02-23

  • Some days I just don’t have anything to say on Twitter. 11:16:43
  • Seems to be problems with the Twitter Digest plugin ( If you use it and have problems ping me. 11:18:27
  • I think trad. retail has already lost to online, but they could at least try to make the hands-on experience competitive…. 11:48:50
  • Best Buy had a Dell Mini 9 on the shelves the other day, wired down and without the battery. So basically all I could do was look at it. 11:49:23
  • Just had a talk via online chat with someone in Dell Canada support who said the Mini 10 should be available in Canada within a week. Saving the pennies. 11:55:23
  • Apparently the Dell Mini10 shares some hardware with the Dell Mini 12, so no OSX on Mini10?. Maybe the Mini 9’s price will come down though 12:55:59
  • indicates OSX on the Mini10 won’t be doable thanks to the Zseries Atom proc. 13:00:45
  • The graphics on the Mini10 don’t appear to be the GMA500 which can’t handle OSX, but the proc kills it anyway. See 13:02:38
  • Hmm. Seems tinyurl and don’t get along well. 13:04:48