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Podcast Roundup

Ever since I got the shuffle I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts. I monitor about 10 or so podcasts in iTunes for interesting episodes but there is a core group of casts that I always make a point to listen to. Here they are for your listening pleasure. Drunk and Retired – This […]


The latest release of Firefox 1.5 fixes the weird OS X trackpad breaking Java applet issue I mentioned before. Woot! I’m officially on the Firefox 1.5 bandwagon. I guess I should actually figure out what new features and enhancements went into it.

Rails, MySQL and Debian

The latest database.yml (the db config file for rails) says to “Get the fast C bindings” for mysql by typing : > gem install mysql What they don’t tell you is that on debian, there is a good chance this will fail with a truckload of errors. I googled a bit and came up with […]

OS X File Sharing

For some reason I enjoy supporting multiple operating systems at home. I have a couple Debian boxes, the Powerbook, and my wife’s Windows XP machine which I use on occasion when she’s not trying to produce a PhD thesis. All these systems are in place for various reasons, but it comes down to the fact […]

Firefox 1.5

I just tried Firefox 1.5 on the Powerbook and unfortunately I’ve had to go back to 1.0.7. My whole reason for upgrading, other than it is the latest and greatest, was that 1.5 was supposed to fix the Java issues (basically won’t run applets) Firefox had on OS X. That problem did go away and […]

Publishing iCal To WebDav

Now that I’ve moved almost exclusively over to the Powerbook for my computing needs, I thought I’d start using iCal and see if I can get a little more organized. Of course Andrea wants to use iCal as well and we want to share our calendars. To do that you either need a .Mac account […]

Ruby / Rails / MySQL

The last major step in setting up the new PB was to fix the version of ruby that comes with Tiger, install rails and install mysql. Apparently the version of ruby that Apple shipped with Tiger causes problems when you try to use C extensions. I’m not too sure of the details or how this […]

OS X 10.4 and Java 1.5

Java 1.5 doesn’t come installed on OS X 10.4, so to get it working takes a few minutes of work. Download the dmg here and install the package. This will not overwrite the Java 1.4.2 installation that comes with Tiger, but you’ll have to fix some symlinks to switch to 1.5. See here for info […]

Mac Notes

A few notes so far: – Fink seems cool. Since it appears to be just a front-end on apt-get and I since come from Debian it all makes sense to me. – Since I’m an emacs guy, I wanted to get that up and running. I installed X11Usr.pkg which for some reason is an optional […]

The Tiger Cometh

Ok, so we decided to continue to attempt to get a Mac. We went back to the first reseller we had gone too, who had actually ordered us a machine, but it was taking _forever_ to show up. Yesterday it showed up (almost 4 weeks since we ordered it), and now we are the proud […]